The Backgammon Encyclopedia - Vol 1 - Kit Woolsey - £40 (Whitegate)

Rare and out-of-print book by backgammon grandmaster Kit Woolsey on the use of the doubling cube, in excellent condition.

Woolsey discusses the theoretical underpinnings of cube handling in backgammon, and also dissects and classifies various common themes and positions within the game, backing up his analysis with neural net technology. Every position that's illustrated is accompanied by expert commentary.

This volume covers common early positions encountered frequently in backgammon, including blitzes, racing, priming and holding games, containment games, backgames and ace-point anchor games.

When I first read this book I recouped the price I paid for it with one double I gave my opponent in a prime v prime position. If you play competitive backgammon I'm sure it will do the same for you.

If you're interested please contact me ASAP because I'll be leaving the UK shortly and travelling for several months, so I won't be able to transact until late November.

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"The reason I love this book so much is that it helps at what I work so hard at: mastering the basics. It touches on many essential recurring common themes and types of positions."—Stick Rice, GammonVillage Magazine, November 2013

"Because of the large number of possible moves at each turn, backgammon does not lend itself to the cataloguing of detailed opening variations in the same way as chess. A backgammon player builds up his knowledge through acquiring a set of reference positions, either by playing or by study.
Until now no one has produced a detailed set of common reference positions.
Kit Woolsey's The Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 1 is the first of a two-part set that exhaustively documents rollout data for many common position types. The book is excellent and should certainly be in the library of any serious student of the game."—Chris Bray, in Second Wind, 2007
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